Flora Dungan Humanities (FDH)

The tallest structure on campus, the humanities building contains auditoriums, classrooms, and lecture halls on the first two floors. On the upper five floors, the building houses the offices of the president, provost, other administrative offices and departments.

Building Resources

Academic & Administrative Units

First Floor: Classrooms
Department of Film
Second Floor: Classrooms
Faculty Senate
Language Resource Center
Third Floor Graduate College
Office of Urban Sustainability & Multidisciplinary Research
Research Services
Office for Protection of Research Subjects
Office of Research Compliance
Vice President & General Counsel
Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Fourth Floor: Department of Film
Department of Theatre
Fifth Floor: Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion
Institutional Analysis & Planning
Vice President for Student Affairs
Department of Foreign Languages
Academic & Research Space
Sixth Floor: Department of English
Freshman Composition
Seventh Floor: Office of the President
Executive Vice President and Provost
Vice President for University Advancement
UNLV Public Affairs
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
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